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About Me

you no longer need to be afraid to get creative and experiment with your customers.

Hard Working

Expert In Applied Gamification

Hi, my name is Yash Parkar and I am someone who speaks to visionaries like you, and find a way to get your ideas onto the screen in a way which works using proven frameworks of behavioral design.

I usually make app’s or services’s customers feel good about taking the actions you want from them. 

Ux Design is the silent ambasador of your brand
Useful User Experience Design.

I Believe Passionately That Good Emotional Anchoring To Products & Services Is What Creates Long Term Customers.

Creative in All Aspects

I have a passion for behavioral psychology based design, and how the biggest companies in the world make their customers loyal using good design and unexpected game mechanics.

psychological Mechanics from video games are used by the biggest companies to a large extent these days because the loyalty and engagement seen by game audiences are very attractive to any business. 

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