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This is how my process works

Stage 1 : The strategy

Stage 2: The Screen Hierarchy

Stage 3:
Individual Screen Details

Stage 4:

Stage 5:
Clickable Prototype of UI

Gamification Analysis Questions -Octalysis -Breakdown, Bartle’s Player type, and selection of Gamification Mechanics to be used in the strategy.

Creating the Screen Flow hierarchy, the main screens on the app, the secondary screens that the app leads to, and so forth.

Individual Screen Details,
What features fall on which screen and how they will mesh with the gamification elements from previous stages

Making Wireframes to tie it all together and get a feel for how it works, we’ll make changes to the startegy if friction in the UX comes up here

Once the previous stages are over, I’ll create a clickable Ui to represent the exact look and feel of your working product, this saves on time, energy and un-necessary development cost, making the developer’s job easier.