Siteground Hosting Setup Guide


You can register a new domain name when you buy the hosting.

After you click on the following image, the page to buy the siteground hosting opens up in a new tab.

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Click on the image to buy now

Then you should follow this simple 3 step guide to buy siteground hosting:

Step 1:

I suggest the “Grow BIG” plan (the middle one) $6 per month



Step 2:

Register a New Domain name (your site’s name “blahblah . com” ), if You already own it, select that option:



Step 3:

You get a pretty good discount for the year, and can pay $6 per month.

You can choose the 12 months plan, or you choose 24 months (or more) if you’d like to secure the discounted price over multiple years.

Except for a new domain name registration ($15.95), which is free for new first time customers , UNDER “EXTRA SERVICES”, UN-SELECT ANY EXTRA PAID SERVICES. MOST TIMES YOU DO NOT NEED THE EXTRA PAID SERVICES


Except for a new domain name registration which ($15.95)


Click on the check box to confirm the terms of service, and proceed to click on PAY NOW

Click here to get your Siteground hosting right now

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3 reasons why I like Siteground for hosting

(charts below compare 12 popular hosts)

1. Super fast load time. 


2. High Performance

3. Super Quick and skilled customer support


Click here to get your Siteground hosting right now

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I hope that was helpful, if you still have doubts, please free to let me know via the “CONTACT ME” page