Sports Game Gamification Concept


How to make a game like cricket engaging and addictive for all audiences, even in nations where it isn’t that popular?

Sports based games aren’t becoming as popular on mobile as they are on PCs, PS4s, Xbox and other systems. Sports themed games around games like cricket, tennis, badminton, volleyball, etc aren’t as popular on mobile and don’t have a daily use rate or high installation rate among most mobile gamers, with the exception of fans of the sport.

This means that there is a huge untapped market where people want to be engaged in sports based games, but due to lack of intuitive game-play, easy mental flow states, high uninstall rates and lack of engagement, this market has stayed relatively untouched.

This market is now within reach with high quality graphics becoming the norm in all medium to high grade phones, and current trends in mobile GPU, cheaper technology, cheaper cloud computing seem to be on the rise.

Cricket may have mass appeal in india, yet the popularity of criket mobile games is relavtively low, they have low actually use time and not as addictive as games like clash of clans or angry birds.


Solution: An interactive, easy game, for people who don’t care about learning the rules of cricket or any sports, and simply want to participate in the fun of the game.


Please read the entire diagram above before proceeding

The Striker’s perspective, is similar to the image below

Image result for shadow fight 3
He will hold a bat and have different gear on which will result in different combo movements, and striking abilities when hitting the ball.

For bowlers:

They see the trajectory the ball takes once it leaves their hands, the initial launch doesn’t show them much, they need to learn the skills of the game and test out the combo buttons. They can learn live or in the practice sessions.

Image result for angry birds trajectory

Image result for circket ball trajectory



Below is the variety of combo moves players intuitively learn while playing shadow fighter 3.

More details to be added soon.

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